Product Details
Item No: MES74
A classic, feminine, casket spray to epitomize the love and memories of a dear lady. The design features roses, larkspur, heather, oriental lilies and so much more in this featured closed casket spray. We also offer a "half-couch" design where the lid is open over the upper torso and closed over the lower part: the "half-couch" spray is placed on the closed part of the lid. Floral selection may vary depending upon design chosen, season and market availability. The full length sprays are approx 60" long and the "half-couch" approx 30" in length. Kindly note ribbon is an optional extra - please inquire
Start design, closed casket
Shown design, closed casket
Up-graded design, closed casket
Half-couch/casket, start design
Half-couch/casket, based on shown
Half-couch/casket, up-graded design