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Sago Palm
Item No: MES296
The Sago Palm is a Cycad plant and to all intents like a brown pineapple with palm frond growing out of the top! The Sago Palm indoors is easily cared for... water twice a month, thoroughly and then leave it alone. If in doubt about watering, leave the plant for a further week before watering. Over-watering will cause root rot. These Cycad plants are a happy in full sun or just a few hours of sunlight exposure. We offer 2 size plants. The 6" pot is approx. 15" diameter and height while the 10" pot is approx. 24" diameter and height. Plants come with a basket pot cover. Up-graded pot covers are available by 'phoning us on 609 654 8338.
6" pot and cover
10" pot as shown