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Lavender Topiary
Item No: MES272
Lovely....absolutely lovely! That's how we feel about our Anouk Lavender Topiaries. Anouk is a type of Spanish Lavender....and yes, it has an enchanting scent. This plant is suitable for outdoors in our climate zone in southern New Jersey. It is also just as ideal indoors! We provide care information but, in summary, once the initial blooms are over, prune the plant back and new blooms should soon emerge and enchant. This will continue through to and into the Fall, if you prune back after the repeat blooms. We offer a 10" diameter pot with the topiary around 36" in height, including the blooms, and nearly 24" in diameter. A 10" pot topiary is pictured. As ever, please follow the care information provided or available online to get the best out of this topiary. The topiary is available with a stately metal pot cover - see the picture - or without. If you select the option without a pot cover, we will provide a clear saucer for the base of the pot. Please note that a 10" diameter pot is equivalent to what is called a 3 gallon pot.
10 inch plant
10 inch plant w/metal pot cover