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Clematis Plant
Item No: MES270
We are offering Clematis Boulevard climbing vine, suitable for our climate zone - so suitable for planting outside - or, if so inclined, even for indoors. Our pot sizes are 6" in diameter and the plants are already 16"+ in height with their own little trellis to assist them with their climb, possibly to 48"! Do note that finding a Clematis plant in a 6" pot online is difficult and ours are already "large" and healthy specimens. Full care information is provided. Do note that Clematis loves full sun (or over 6 hours a day on a sunny day) but, to get the most out of the plant, the base of the plant above the soil should be mulched to protect the root system..... that is the nature of the plant. The base cover or protection makes the Clematis a contender for an ideal indoor plant and loves bright, sunny windows or rooms. We provide a covering on the top of the soil of moss, so shading the plant base and root system. We offer 2 price points: the plant in the pot or the plant in the pot with a pot cover. We show various pot cover types - metal and natural - for the shown design. When ordering, you receive 1 (one) plant.
Start price w/out pot cover