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Coleus Topiary
Item No: MES269
Coleus plants with their dramatic foliage colorings and marking "always" catch the eye. You however infrequently see a Coleus plant as a topiary.... this plant has a sturdy "trunk" for Coleus! Coleus are great plants in our area and like shady areas such as on the front porch perhaps. They can tolerate a fair amount of sun but too much can make the natural color fade in the plant. Out topiary is approximately 21" high in 7.5" diameter pot. There are 2 price options: with, as shown, a rattan type basket pot cover or in a metal or ceramic pot cover. Detailed care information and the easy propagation of Coleus is easily found on the Internet or call us for advice. If your Coleus is outside, you will need to bring it indoors once lows move below 60F as these are technically tropical plants.