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Money Tree
Item No: MES254
It's pay-back time .... and what better way to thank someone than with a large Money Tree plant? Money Tree is the common name. The true plant name is a Pachira Aquatica that is a tropical wetland tree, growing in Central and South America in areas of swamp. This means that the plant is for indoor in our area and is best in medium light, at room temperature and, all else being equal, probably needs a decent watering weekly. Our plants are approx. 42" tall and 36" diameter, complete with braided trunk. The plant is grown in a 9" growers pot with 3 price points: the growers pot; with a wicker or rattan type basket pot cover; or a black, ribbed, tall - 18"+, ceramic pot elevates the plant in pot to over 54" and makes this a statement piece. An ideal gift for a work environment, residence or social/community group space.
Money Tree grow pot
With basket pot cover
Decorative pot cover