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Stephanotis Plant
Item No: MES241
A Stephanotis plant, also called Madagascar Jasmine,and a favorite at weddings - the bloom is often seen in bridal bouquets and has a scent similar to Jasmine - is a rare treat and makes a wonderfully different gift. Stephanotis plant is a perennial vine which, in our area, needs to be kept indoors or, if outside, the ideal temperatures are 70-80 F degrees with preferred night-time temperature of 60 F degrees. They like light but not direct sunlight, indoors or outdoors and, from roughly April to October, like to be misted and in a moist soil. We will provide care information for the plant. The plant is approximately 36" tall and, as a vine, grows with the support of a trellis (included) and around 20" in diameter. It is available in a wicker basket pot cover.
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