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SPECIAL LOW PRICE on Poinsettia - Multiple of options
Item No: MES136
Start - and end - the Christmas season with Poinsettia! And ours are wonderful, florist, quality value, grown especially for us by a quality grower in a small, adjacent, town. We offer various sized Poinsettia plants, all in red. There are 6" pots blooming to an approx. 18" diameter; 7" pots blooming to an approx. 22" diameter; 8" pots blooming to an approx. 28" diameter and 10" pots blooming to over 36" diameter! There is also a 10" diameter basket which is simply wonderfully Christmassy - and the hanger can be removed so that the recipient may use as a floor or very large table plant. All are presented with a wicker pot cover and seasonal coniferous foliage "planted" around the brim of the pot. Up-grades for all, except the 10" basket, are available with the use of a metal or ceramic pot cover. Due to the nature of poinsettia and the temperatures at this time of year in our area, it is necessary for someone to be present to receive them. You MUST provide a working telephone number for the recipient so that we can phone them and arrange a delivery. If you do not provide a number, we will have to contact you to request this and potentially delay the delivery and incur additional charges. Poinsettia sap may rarely be a minor irritant to cats & dogs. Full, accurate, information on the subject is available online. If you are in doubt, do not order Poinsettia.
6 inch pot
7 inch pot
8 inch pot
10 inch pot
6 inch up-grade
7 inch up-grade